Remote control for forklift truck or lift

Tyro remote controls are particularly suitable for lift – and lifting applications. A typical example is a ladder lift which is used to lift roof tiles or solar panels, or furniture when moving; nothing is more practical than using such a lift that is operated by means of a industrial remote control. Ladder lifts are moved a lot; the cable is a weak point and regularly gets jammed, damaged and can even break.

Industrial remote controls for a wide range of applications

With over 25 years of experience in industrial remote controls we have seen and done a lot of projects. How about a remote control for a lifting bridge? Increasingly more bridges are operated remotely to cut down on costs. Industrial remote controls are also used for workshop lifts and bridges. The applications are infinite; almost everything is possible. Contact us and we will help you with the right remote for the right job!

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    An industrial remote control as an OEM product?

    Tyro Remotes is equipped to answer every question with a flexible approach. The result? Remote controls for hydraulic lifts, lift trucks, shuttle systems for pallets and other applications that can be applied as an OEM product. On most radio remote controls of Tyro each customer can choose which icons should be applied. This of course depends on your application and the functions that you want to control. In addition, we can discuss applying your own logo on your remote control. On the latest remote control, you can even determine which buttons, switches, joysticks, and potentiometers you apply to your remote.