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Tyro Remotes is the supplier for remote controls in many industrial sectors. With a remote control by Tyro you have a custom made product that is in compliance with all the current requirements of this time and functions exactly as you wish. Do you want to use our remote controls for your trailers, so that you can steer the axles? Or would you like a remote with your own icons, joysticks and various switches, for example to operate your tractor? At Tyro Remotes, the possibilities are endless.

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    Industrial remote controls are controls that operate machines, vehicles and devices by means of a radio frequency. Basically, these work the same as, for example, remote controlled toys. A radio transmitter sends specific radio waves when a button is pressed, or when a switch or wheel has to turn (a command). Depending on the settings that have been entered in the software of the industrial remote control, the transmitter sends a radio wave to the radio module in the receiver. This interprets it, and in turn carries out the command.

    Different channels with industrial remote controls

    There are different frequencies that have been made available and can be used. This can vary per country. Industrial remote controls In Europe generally make use of a 433 MHz or 868 MHz band. Indeed there is an endless amount of radio waves that are moving in the air. These can be radio waves from mobile phones, but also Wi-Fi-networks or for communication between emergency services such as the fire department and police. To keep these channels of communication open it was decided that each type of application must use an own bandwidth. Within this bandwidth one could use a particular channel, for example 433.625 Mhz to prevent intervention. The industrial remote controls of Tyro Remotes are all provided with a unique code so that communication can only take place between the transmitter and receiver that know this code.

    Remote controls with long range

    One of the advantages of remote controls is the big range. Some remote controls manufactured by Tyro have a range of over 1000 metres. This depends on the weather, or the if the remote is being used in a forest or in an area where, for example, there is a lot of steel . Because the weather and the environment have a strong influence, the range is always measured in open field.

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