Remote control for internal logistics

A remote control can not only prevent a lot of irritation, in a many cases it also provides a safer working environment and increase in efficiency. Customers using conveyor belts that are operated by means of a cable regularly come to us for help because the cable is damaged so often that the only and best solution is a remote control. Or how about a wireless emergency stop? Especially in intralogistics a wireless emergency stop is not an unnecessary luxury. Tyro Remotes has several solutions for conveyor belts, storage systems, roller doors and forklift trucks. You come with the application; and we come with the appropriate remote control.

A radio remote control with own icons

A remote control should be uncomplicated and easy to operate. For this reason, most of our remote controls have icons that you can choose from and use on the buttons. Tyro Remotes has remote controls with 2 channels, but also with 4, 6, 8 or even more than 250 channels. Do you want a feedback on the display of your remote control? Or do you have a cold store warehouse with temperature ranges of -30°C? We have the right solution for every application. Contact us without obligation!

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    An industrial remote control as an OEM product?

    Tyro Remotes is equipped to answer every question with a flexible approach. The result? Remote controls for hydraulic lifts, lift trucks and other applications that can be applied as an OEM product. In addition, we can discuss applying your own logo on your remote control. On the latest remote control, you can even determine which buttons, switches, joysticks, and potentiometers you apply to your remote control.