Remote controls for industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is one of the most demanding applications that an industrial remote control has to stand up to. Water that additionally is under is under high-pressure can be disastrous for electronics. This is why Tyro Remotes has specifically chosen for remote controls that are 100% waterproof. For example, as an OEM product that can be built into high-pressure water guns for high-pressure cleaners. Tyro knows the challenges as well as the solutions when radio remotes and water come in contact; we are here to provide a sound and reliable solution for every application.

Industrial remote controls for diverse applications

With over 25 years experience in radio remote controls, we have seen and done many projects for customers that specialise in industrial cleaning. Whether it is a remote control that can be carried on a belt, or completely built into the water gun trigger; the remote controls must be strong and able to withstand the working conditions. For this reason the prints that are in the remote controls are completely moulded in a synthetic resin so that the electronics and water never come in contact.

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    An industrial remote control as an OEM product?

    Whether it is a high-pressure cleaner or a remote control that is used in a pump; you choose the features that are required for the remote control and if you desire, specific icons on the buttons. You let us know your application; we ensure the appropriate remote control. Contact us without obligation!