Remote controls for access technology

Our radio remote controls are regularly applied to roller doors at distribution centres and warehouses. Along the same lines, we delivered a radio remote control system with which 35 forklift truck drivers could operate 48 roller doors. Because this customer had an environment in which temperatures of -25°C were possible the remote controls were provided with a cold store display suitable up to -35°C. Another customer discarded his remote control; it was delivered as part of a roller door package but did not have the required range, a Tyro remote control was the solution. In addition to the increased range the remote controls are also provided with an emergency stop button and it is possible to operate the roller doors with various hand held transmitters.

Made to measure for you

You see it; each customer has its own application and each system its own configuration. The Tyro radio remote systems are flexible so that these can be set up to give you maximum benefit. In addition, you will be able to apply your own icons on the keys of your remote control making it easy to operate.

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    The possibilities of these applications are enormous

    Our industrial remote controls can be used for a large of amount of applications. They are not only used for roller doors, but also for pumps, hydraulic valves and even or forestry winches. Are you uncertain if our remote control is suitable for your application? Contact us so that we can advise you which remote control suits you best.