Remote controls for machine manufacturers

It is important that the components that engineers build into their machines must be reliable high quality products. Once the machine has been delivered and installed, the customer would not impressed if a component does not function as it should. Tyro Remotes is fully aware of this. As specialists in industrial remote controls we have more than twenty years experience in supplying OEM products; not only for machines, but also for trailers, lifts and pumps. The machine manufacturer must have complete confidence in the safety and performance of the wireless remote control. This is why machine manufacturers choose for Tyro Remotes.

Your remote control set to your specification

Tyro Industrial remote controls are excellent for building into your machine as an OEM product. Besides applying your own icons on the keys or buttons of the remote control it is also possible to apply your own logo and coloured foil on our systems. A good example is how we did this at AEROdisc; a supplier of rotating platforms used to park airplanes in the hangars.

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    The right remote for each application

    Also for specific functions such as receiving reports or messages on the display of your remote control is absolutely no problem for our engineers. Tyro Remotes helps you so that your customers can get more out of your machines. You let us know your application; we ensure the appropriate remote control.