Remote controls for industrial automation

Within industrial automation there are diverse applications that could make good use of a Tyro remote control. Simplifying and speeding up industrial processes is a key point within industrial automation. By using wireless communication to operate machinery and equipment you not only work in a safer environment but also more efficiently.

For industrial automation companies

Tyro Remotes thinks along with companies operating in industrial automation. Answering technical questions is a standard for us. A industrial remote control can be applied for every situation. For example, we have a receiver that can be connected onto various common field bus networks, such as CANopen, Profibus and Profinet. When you combine this receiver with a full duplex remote you can receive all types of values measured and messages on your remote control.

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    An industrial remote control as an OEM product?

    Tyro Remotes is equipped to answer every question with a flexible approach. The result? Remote controls for hydraulic and mechanical machines, pallet shuttles or, for example, conveyor belts which can be applied as an OEM product. On most radio remote controls of Tyro each customer can choose which icons should be applied. This of course depends on application and the functions that you want to perform. In addition, we can discuss applying your own logo on your remote control. With our latest remote control you can even determine which buttons, switches, joysticks, and potentiometers you apply to your remote control.