Remote controls for building

Are you looking for an industrial remote control that can be used for building? Tyro Remotes has been the supplier of radio remote controls for more than 25 years; with a big variety of applications that are used in and around building sites. Each remote control is specifically configured for its application, whether it is about a truck with concrete pump, a building elevator, a crane or generator, Tyro has the right remote control for every application.

Own configuration with own icons

The entire organization within Tyro Remotes is set up in such a way that everyone can be helped in the most flexible manner. This has resulted in remote controls, that as an OEM product, are applied in pumps, winches and machines. On most radio remote controls produced by Tyro the client himself can choose which icons should be applied. This is, of course, depending on your application and the features that you want to control. In addition, we can discuss applying your own logo. On the latest remote control you can even determine which buttons, switches, joysticks, and potentiometers you apply to your remote control.

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    Various possibilities

    In principle, each machine can be provided with a remote control. In addition to dirty water pumps and generators but also glass lifting robots and pipe clamps all make use of our remote controls. Did you know that it is even possible to operate a tractor remotely? Tyro Remotes has the right industrial remote for each application. Contact us so we can help you with a remote control made to suit your application.