Remote control for forestry

Are you looking for an industrial remote control that you can use in forestry? Tyro Remotes supplies remote controls that are used in combination with forestry winches and tree felling machinery throughout Europe. A producer of tree trunk trailers approached us and asked us to develop a safe remote control for use in the forests. It was also required that the remote control should fulfil the function of the tree trunk trailer as well as operating the crane and forestry winch. A nice example with an even better answer from Tyro!

Remote controls for forestry winches

The Fornax remote control is a remote that was specially designed for forestry winches. Forestry winches are used to pull felled trees out of the forest. Using the remote control he can do this at a safe distance from the winch. This allows him to walk, following the trunk at a safe distance and having it all under control. This offers great advantages in the field of user comfort and safety.

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    Various possibilities

    In principle, each machine can be equipped with a remote control. In addition to professional log splitting machinery, wood chippers and tractors make use of our remote controls. Did you know that it is even possible to operate a tractor remotely? Tyro Remotes has right industrial control for every application. Contact us so we can help you with a remote control for precisely your application.