Remote controls in the transport sector.

Dump trucks and trailers, have it, but also fire engines, recovery vehicles and zeppelins. Remote controls are used for the most diverse applications. Whether it is a winch that has to be operated, a hydraulic valve or monitoring the temperature of livestock transport; Tyro Remotes is indispensable in the transport sector. For more than twenty years the remote controls of Tyro have been used for all types of applications. They stand for quality and great performance. Tyro Remotes fully develops the remote control independently; also, the production of the industrial remote controls</a is done in-house. Like this we have each phase completely under control and as result of this are able to guarantee the quality.

Your remote control with own icons

A remote control must be easy to figure out and easy to use. Own icons can immediately make clear what the function of the button or switch are. Possible feedback via the display is also an option. For example, the feedback of the weight, temperature or other values measured. Similar made-to-measure functions can be perfectly processed by a Tyro remote control. You let us know your application; we ensure the right remote control.

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    Many customers have gone before you

    Trailer manufacturers use our remote controls as OEM products in their trailers and tractors are operated from a distance. On our website, you will find a whole lot of projects which clearly show that the possibilities are unlimited, take a look for yourself!