Remote controls for agriculture

Remote controls are a substantial part of agricultural mechanisation. As a specialist in industrial remote controls for more than 25 years, we are represented in agriculture and livestock.

Examples of applications

On our website, you will find projects such as operating a manure pump by means of a remote control, drag – hose fertilisation by using a remote control or using the Machine to Machine (M2M) technology on an irrigation system. There are countless other examples in which a wireless remote control would be the ideal solution in the agricultural sector. A remote control allows you to switch a pump on or off from a distance or operate your bale wrapper remotely. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Your remote control with own icons

At Tyro Remotes, we know how important it is to have a wireless operating system that is user friendly and functional. Because each application requires its own icons, we offer you the possibility to create your own icons for your remote control. If you should require a more complex control which can return send certain values back to the control then you certainly are at the right address with Tyro Remotes.

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    Work more efficiently; use a Tyro remote control

    The enormous technical developments of past decades in the field of agricultural mechanisation are a major influence on the current way of working within agriculture. As in every sector including agriculture time is money. A lot of work has to be done in as short a time as possible, rising costs and almost unchanged financial yields ensure that the margins are under pressure. With a remote control, you save a lot of money by gaining more time. You no longer have to be at the other side of the field to switch on a pump and you no longer have to go out to switch on your irrigation system.